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IOS Social Game: Bite Me!

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Author: caolin, Posted On: November 13th, 2012, In: Interactive Design

Bite Me is an iSO social challenge game for players who are interested in cooking from 18 to 25. The game combines the classic gameplay of the side-scrolling platformers with the social game elements, which is able to encourages players to experience the game in various creative ways. The stylish game art with a playful sense of humor also helps the game entice players into the game.









Bite Me! (MDM Student Pitch Project)

3 Months (May – Aug 2012)

My Role:

Concept artist , UI artist & Texture


Game Play:




P&P Bowling

Author: caolin, Posted On: July 9th, 2012, In: Interactive Design

About : P&P Bowling is a single player action game that gives the traditional bowling game a new look and brings more fun to the players. This casual game features cute and cartoon style characters. Unlike other traditional bowling games, ours have stylish environment and penguin style pins.

My role : I worked with a small team in this project. I completed characters as well as the background and graphic user interface.

Afterthoughts : We did this project in a limited time. It was my first app that was built on IPAD. There was a lot learned in regards to user interface.

My Animal Friends

Author: caolin, Posted On: July 9th, 2012, In: Interactive Design

About : My Animal Friends”, is an interactive children’s story lullaby app book that focuses on the fun and emotive learning experience. It is intended to be an iPad app development with user-friendly and interactive mechanics for children ages 3 to 5. “My Animal Friends” will create an emotive learning experience for children, where they will be caring for and playing with different animals throughout the story.

My role : I worked on art team and was in charge of UI. Meanwhile, I also did a part of motion graphics with our teammate.

Afterthoughts : It was my first industry project in my graduate school. Working along side the tech team and art team, I learned a lot about UI things and breaking things down for exporting and usage.

Project: Green Me Mockup

Author: caolin, Posted On: February 28th, 2012, In: Interactive Design

We developed a brand new application that aimed to create awareness and motivate people to adopt a sustainable behavior.

The app presents automatically one task per day for the user to accomplish, these tasks will be simple ones but that have a positive outcome in the environment, that educates the user and shows how easy and simple it can be to perform actions that do not harm, or are less harmful to the environment.

There will also be a community aspect to it, where users will be able to share the tasks they have accomplished as well as earn titles depending on how many or which tasks they perform. Users will also be partner with friends in order to perform group tasks.

Design Jam: Inner Peace

Author: caolin, Posted On: February 28th, 2012, In: Interactive Design

Working in teams of six, we were tasked with dreaming up a game idea based on a given theme, and with five to ten minutes of game content. In the 48-hour design jam, our team decided to do a maze game in unity. After outlining a design plan, we draw on their expertise and abilities to produce a functioning prototype.

As an interface designer, I chose the traditional Chinese style to design our game. Because our game’s name is Inner Peace. I wanted to use Chinese ink painting style to create the atmosphere. And our maze is based on the Yin and Yang pattern.

Build Virtual World: Run For Fun Prototype

Author: caolin, Posted On: February 28th, 2012, In: Interactive Design

Out project is an IOS application that combines a  easy to use running application with a  fun casual game.My role in our team was the character design. Since we want to target young people. We decided that our avatar should be funny and colorful.

In our app users can choose their characters and that character will be used both in the running interface and the game.

At first, I drew several concepts, and the whole team decided one style.

Since we have 3 designers in our team. It was a challenge to integrate our different style. So I overcame that by studying the other two designs and created characters that would integrate well.

Since it was the first time that I worked with people from different backgrounds and countries.

So it was a valuable opportunity to learn from them and how to work with them.

3D Model of Sanitary Napkin

Author: caolin, Posted On: February 27th, 2012, In: Interactive Design

This outdoor advertisement for the feminine hygiene products displayed in the subway station, in which the product is presented from different angles with a dark blue background colour, creating a powerful visual impact.